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Consulting and Guidance

Also available in French and Russian

So that your customers understand better your value proposition

Need guidance to take important marketing decisions in the near future? VIMS uses the latest marketing methods to give accurate and most appropriate marketing advice. The services are recommended for any SMEs in need of a marketing expertise, be it for individuals or start-ups to businesses, development projects, organisations and legal entities. At VIMS, we are happy to consult you on a range of matters such as: market research, evaluation of investment projects/marketing plans, business and/or sustainable development, opening a business in Switzerland, integrated marketing communications, web development, and digital marketing. 


Interested? If yes, then don't hesitate to write in the contact form and you'll be contacted shortly. Any questions, offers, ideas or even feedback can be sent through this website. After we receive your message, we'll make sure to contact you promptly. All the messages are securely encrypted.


Moreover, upon your request, the services can be offered in French or Russian

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