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In the world of dynamic change, relevant information is key when taking complex decisions.

Vanguard Integrated Marketing Solutions, or for short VIMS offers top marketing consultancy and guidance for small and medium-sized enterprises aiming to improve their marketing. Located in Switzerland, Vaud, you can benefit from professional authentic expertise both in the physical and digital worlds. With the use of the latest methods only services of high quality are delivered to you. Learn more about our services and don't hesitate to contact us if interested.

Services on Offer

VIMS offers a full range of marketing services for small and medium-sized enterprises that include: starting entrepreneurs, business owners and developers, organisations and legal entities.

Our Services

Consulting and Guidance

VIMS uses latest marketing methods to give accurate and appropriate advice. Moreover, upon your request, the services can be offered in English, French or Russian.



Struggling with developing your Instagram page or you wish your company to become more visible online? With the expertise of VIMS in the field of Digital Marketing you can make a real difference.

Market Research

Need accurate and up-to-date market information? You are looking for a new market or you'd like to learn more about existing markets? VIMS knows how to help you out.  

Integrated Marketing Communications

You would like to use integrated marketing communications, but not sure where to start from? VIMS can assist you in that.

Sustainable Marketing

Sustainability is not your company's most solid pillar? Not a problem, we can find a solution that minimises the marketing impact on the environment without any compromises to your customer's experience.

VIMS Headquarters

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